The Positive affirmation character

“As a man thinks, so he is.”

​Reggie the Lion is the cross-cultural, multi-generational, and international positive affirmation character.
He is here to empower everyone to become who they are meant to be.​

New Book! The Adventures Of Reggie The Lion & Jeremiah

The Adventures of Reggie the Lion and Jeremiah is a learning coloring book. With this book, my prayer and hope is that parents and children can spend time together learning and coloring. It has been known that coloring books can be therapeutic. They can reduce stress and improve mental health. I’ve written this book as a tool to help children believe in themselves, prayer, and God.


​​”I really enjoyed The Adventures of Reggie the Lion and Jeremiah. It gave real life examples that kids can relate to, and teaches kids sometimes you mess up but you can ask for forgiveness, it’s ok to ask for help and don’t give up when something is hard to do”
— Jean Green
Richmond Hope Therapy Cell

Meet Reginald Foreman


Reginald Foreman

Author, Speaker, Designer, Inventor of Reggie The Lion


Faced with gangs, abuse, and prison, Reginald Foreman was destined for failure until he found God and purpose in his pain; he created an unstoppable empire that is simply “God Made”. Reginald’s story has been seen on The CBN 700 club & TBN’S JuceTV; also the front page of the St. Louis American business section

At the age of 19, Reginald was incarcerated for an armed bank robbery. He served 4 1/2 years in prison. He was released in 2001 and was free for three full years before finally being arrested and brought back to prison again— the marshall informed him that he’d been released erroneously. Reginald served 4 more years in prison. While incarcerated, Reginald attended many self-improvement classes and received over 20 certificates of completion. During his incarceration, Reginald accepted Jesus Christ as his personal Lord & Savior. With his newfound faith, Reginald created Godly Image LLC and founded Reggie The Lion, the Positive Affirmation Character. 

Since his release, Reginald foreman has continued his ministry and business as he has traveled giving inspirational speeches, writing books, designing faith-based clothing, and creating an autobiographical film. Reginald is now developing a global product that will help empower children across the world. Reggie The Lion, the Positive Affirmation Character.

Mental Health Advocates & Educators
Love Reggie The Lion

“These affirmations going into a child’s mind can combat the negative thoughts… if he hears it consistently, he will believe what he hears.”

​Karlesha Hines
Health & Discipline Coordinator

“This is the concept that we need to share with everyone across the entire life span—from womb to tomb.”

​Psychologist & College Professor

“…They have Reggie the Lion to step in and say ‘God made you brave and courageous.’ Imagine what that would do for a child…”

​LaWanda Fisher
Certified parent